Laura Prego:

I decided to check out a new work-out facility that had just opened, knowing full-well that I probably wouldn’t sign up for fear of not sticking with it. This is what I discovered: The facility is small, compared to other gyms I’ve been to (which I like); between one and four women work out with a licensed trainer, for an hour; and, cardio, weight-training, balance-training and anything that would personally help you, are incorporated into the Session.

Turns out, I signed on that first day, in July, and have had the motivation to go back three times a week, ever since!

We discuss eating habits, menu planning and other self-help topics.

Georganne K.:

This is a good program to help you attain your fitness goals. The personal attention of the trainer to ensure that you are performing each exercise correctly is a real plus!!

Nicole Tzikas:

Staying motivated to workout is difficult for me. After I started attending classes at The Edge, I looked forward to getting into shape. I joined the group workouts, which I find more fun than working out alone. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. You will be pushed, but the trainer only gives you what your body can handle. John is very patient and motivating. I see improvements every class, and I walk out every time feeling accomplished. I would definitely recommend checking out this gym!

Tracy Silvia:

Been here a month and love the variety of workouts!  John, the trainer, takes into consideration my knee issues and helps me to still get in a good workout. Love the small group training and comradery among the women.

Sherry Green:

I love this place.  John is a great trainer.  High energy, never boring workouts.  I have been coming here three times a week.  My energy and flexibility has vastly improved.  Looking forward to more creative training.