90 Day Challenges

90 Day Challenges

1500 kcal burned


Level: Very hard
Limit of participants
90 Day Challenge
3 Months
90 Day Weight Loss Program

Lose weight and win big with our 90 day body transformation challenge This Challenge is for women who are ready to alter their physique, gain muscle, lose fat or tone up, regardless of total weight loss. This Challenge is not only based on weight lose but your body fat percentage.


The Edge Transformation Challenge begins in the Fall which would include a weigh in, BMI and before pics “Let your Legacy be known” What do you get from your 90 day transformation challenge?
– A detailed assessment and evaluation
– A customized nutritional program
– Detailed fitness seminars
– A chance to win prizes
– and much more

There are two parts to the challenge overall weight lose and transformation you the member will make that decision.